Friday, June 5, 2009

Speaking of little cars, here comes the Zastava Yugo Cars

As proof fans of that the Zastava Yugo Cars converged with other loyal followers in Belgrade Park. The gathering was a surprise not only because of the attendance but because of the colorful cars that greeted spectators considering that most of theses cars now sported candy-flavored hues.

Most of the Zastava Yugo Cars which showed up at the Park were restored and were repainted with their owners bonded by a common devotion to the Yugo. Even the earliest Yugo Fica model showed up at the place eliciting oohs and aahs from both audience and fellow owners.

The large attendance of Yugo lovers is expected to once again stir a demand for Zastava Yugo Cars. Who knows, you might find one of these Yugoslavian and Serbian cars in the internet so start looking now. No need to be a communist to start lining up for one as proven by these people.


  1. The Yugo is a very bad car - trust me!
    Nice blog!

  2. Small, sweet, minimalist and do not need a big garage, the choice for small families!

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  4. Well, from this post and some of the comments, it would seem that I have had the wrong impression of a Yugo. For I thought that all of the models were absolutely horrible. Hey, maybe that just came from the other car companies?

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